Thursday May 22, 2014
The Roosevelt Hotel
The Science & Art of Plastering in Today’s Contemporary Buildings

A Continuing Education Course for Architects Provided by P&SFCNY
6 Continuing Education Hours – AIA/CES (HSW)
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The Plastering & Spray Fireproofing Contractors of Greater New York, Inc. (P&SFC) invite you to learn all about the exciting world of plastering in today’s contemporary construction and learn about the older, world-class projects that have brought us to where we are today.  All courses are held at The Roosevelt Hotel located in New York City and include a continental breakfast, sit-down lunch, a tour is included in the registration fee.

The Science & Art of Plastering In Today’s Contemporary Buildings

This course includes, the History of Plastering: From The Pharaohs Of Egypt To Today’s Special Finishes, Plastering Materials: It’s Not Your Father’s Plaster Anymore!, Harnessing The Skill In The Plasterer’s Hands For Design Purposes, Ornamental Plaster: Recreating The Classic For A Touch Of Class!, Fireproofing: Protecting Your Occupants & Building.  A tour of The Roosevelt Hotel and Grand Central Station concludes the seminar.